Welcome to The HUB - your centralized communication & collaboration platform.

The HUB is a initiative developed as part of the West Island Collectif IMpact project (PIC 1) and coordinated by the CRC. In 2016, community actors representing every West Island concertation table met to discuss and prioritize projects that could give a boost to our collective efforts in fighting against poverty on our territory.

Food security and affordable housing were on top of the list but the participants also chose to work on a large scale issue: improving communications & collaboration between community actors. The community partners were looking to find concrete solutions to long standing issues:

  • 'Hyperconcertation': too many meetings, the same discussions hapenning in different committees, same projects & ideas mentioned in multiple committees, etc.
  • Competing meetings and events: For example too many meetings or AGMs the same day, a lot of events the same week, etc.
  • Document archival issues:  many different online drives and challenges regarding sharing infromation & documents (portraits, diagnostics, data, etc.).
  • Lack of spaces for mutual support & networking : partners are always looking for ways to get to know and support each other but the size of our territory & concertation system make that difficult.

After a few years of experimentation, the HUB is finally here to address all those needs! 

The HUB is a communication & collaboration portal for everyone that participates in 'concertation' efforts (committees, tables) in the West Island.

The HUB will help us:

  • Optimize our communications
  • Avoid planning days and weeks with too many meetings
  • Centralize our documentation
  • Share our resources and maximize our efforts!

For any questions or comments, please contact the CRC team.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you on the HUB!